Thyristor Converters

Thyristor Converters

The thyristor rectifier is an established and reliable technology that has been used for decades in AC-DC conversion applications with great success. Ador Powetron provides 6 pulse, 12 pulse, 24 pulse and 48 pulse thyristor converters across the world for various application and of various ratings.

When linked to the grid, this topology frequently necessitates a more sophisticated transformer design, harmonic filters, and power factor correction (PFC) equipment. Ador offers complete power conversion solution including input transformers and rectifier cabinets, with and without PFC and Harmonic filters based on the electrolyser requirements.


Thyristor Rectifier

Input Voltage Range

0.4 – 40 kV (to transformer)

Max Output Voltage / Current

1500 V / 60,000 A

Maximum Power

100 MW

Power Factor

> 0.8 (>0.9 with passive filter)


< 10 % (<5% with passive filter)

Output ripple

< 5 %


> 97 % @ rated output with nominal voltage

ADOR Thyristor Converter for AC-DC Conversion

Input Voltage

11 KV / 22 KV / 33 KV / Customized


50 / 60 Hz

Maximum MVA

25 MVA (Higher MVA on request)

DC Voltage Range

Up to 1,500 V

DC Current Range

Up to 60,000 A

Tap changer 

 OCTC (Off Circuit Tap Changer)


6 / 12/ 18/ 24 / 48 / Multi Pulse


Transformer: Outdoor / Indoor / E – House

Rectifier       : Indoor / E – House / Container


Transformer: ONAN/ ONAF/ OFWF

Rectifier       : Natural air cooling / Forced air cooling /

                        DM Water cooled

System efficiency


Transformer fluid

Mineral / Silicon / Customized

Harmonic and Power Factor correction unit

Can be offered optionally. Harmonic option suitable to  meet IEEE519 requirements


Siemens / Alen Bradley / customized


Mainly Constant current with voltage limit / Constant Voltage with current limit

Control accuracy



Modbus / Profibus / customized protocols

Interconnection between Transformer and Rectifier

Busduct with busbars (Copper / Aluminium)

Transformer accessories


Gas and Oil Relay

Silicagel Breather

Filter valve, Drain Valve



Radiators (welded / detachable as per rating)

Rollers (as required)

Rectifier protections

Snubber protection for Thyristors

High Speed semiconductor fuse for Thyristor protection

Solid state current limit

Over temperature protection for Thyristors

Phase failure detection & protection

Over current trip protection

Auto/Manual mode of control is available.

Local/Remote control is available

Soft start


IEC 61378

IEC 60146

EN 50178

IEC 60076

IEC 61439


Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU

Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2014/30/EU


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