Yonder DC Power Sources for MW-scale hydrogen production.

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No one size fits All

 Choose from a range of thyristor, IGBT and SiC – based power conversion units customised to your operational requirements. Our solutions are delivered in indoor/ outdoor/ E-House or containerised configuration.

Energizing Electrolysers Worldwide


We are There, Where You Need Power


Power supplies offering high power factor and efficiency, with low harmonic distortion and ripple


Power conversion solutions customised to project requirements and electrolyser specifications.


Modular systems designed to be scalable and cost - effective


Support from plant design stage continuing over product lifecycle


Product Certification

Management Certification

International Quality Management System Certification
International Environmental Management System Certification

Yonder Products

Yonder Products

IGBT Converters

Thyristor Converters

Converter Transformers

Power-to -X- Power-to-You

Ador DC power solutions are designed, manufactured and tested to internationally recognized standards including CE certification. Our engineering and design team loves serving customers as part of the energy transition effort, making us a Great Place to WorkTM. With our compact, customised and reliable solutions coupled with expertise of over 50 years in rectifier production, we guarantee your peace of mind.


Yonder DC Power Supplies are designed and manufactured for MW-scale hydrogen production.

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